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Buy Tickets

How to buy tickets for Sapporo Community Plaza-hosted events

Sapporo Community Plaza Ticket Center

Ticket window: Sapporo Community Plaza 2F (Hours: 10:00 - 19:00, except closed days)
TEL: 0570-00-3871 (Doshin Play Guide, hours: 10:00 - 17:00, closed Sundays) (Japanese only)

Website: Sapporo Community Plaza Members’ Website (Japanese)

- The operation of the Sapporo Community Plaza Ticket Center is commissioned to Doshin Bunka Jigyosya, the company that runs the Doshin Play Guide ticket agency.

- For inquiries about ticket purchases by telephone and about ticket sales, contact Doshin Play Guide.

- To buy tickets online, you must register as a WEB Member of the Sapporo Community Plaza.

- For inquiries about events other than those hosted by the Sapporo Community Plaza, contact the organizers.

How to buy tickets for other events

See the page for each event listed on the Upcoming Events page, or see the flyer for the event posted on that page.

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