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  • Sapporo Community Plaza Measures Against COVID-19 and Requests to Visitors (September 29)

To ensure the safety and security of visitors, users and staff of the Sapporo Community Plaza, we are taking the following measures in line with industry-specific guidelines and other standards. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

○ Measures Against COVID-19
・ We regularly clean, ventilate, and disinfect the facility.
・ Keys to rental rooms and rental equipment are disinfected after every use.
・ At receptions and information desks, physical barriers such as plastic and acrylic dividers are used to reduce exposure to the virus.
・ Our staff wear masks at all times.
・ Our staff regularly check their temperatures and wash and sanitize their hands.

○ Request to Visitors
・ Individuals who have flu-like symptoms such as a fever and cough are kindly asked to refrain from entering the facility.
・ You are kindly asked to wear a mask inside the facility.
・ You are kindly asked to wash and sanitize your hands before entering the facility.
・ You are kindly asked to maintain physical distance (at least approx. two meters) from other visitors.
・ You are kindly asked to take your trash away with you.
・ Visitors to events held at the Sapporo Community Plaza are kindly asked to follow the requirements the organizers will announce on websites, flyers or other materials.

Theater ventilation
Our theater is thoroughly ventilated by making the most of the features of air-conditioning equipment that meets the standards of relevant laws and regulations.
■ Ventilation frequency: 2.09 times/hour
Note: All air is replaced once every 30 minutes or so.
■ Total ventilation: 110,600 m3/hour
Note: Ventilation per person when the theater is filled to capacity (filling 2,302 seats): approx. 48 m3/hour