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Connecting people, things and events to bring together lights of creativity

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SCARTS Art Communicators

Based in the Sapporo Community Plaza, SCARTS Art Communicators work with artists, experts in arts and culture, and SCARTS staff to bring local residents and arts together. People of different ages and careers are working on this right now!

What are the roles of SCARTS Art Communicators?

  • They organize various events at the Sapporo Community Plaza and promote their activities online and through other channels.

  • They provide insight into artworks by engaging in discussions with visitors to the Sapporo Community Plaza, so that the visitors can appreciate the artworks more fully.

  • They develop forums for creativity and communication together with artists and children through workshops and other events.

  • They give shape to their ideas by planning events that will be held at the Sapporo Community Plaza.

SCARTS Art Communicators Reports archive